Work Experience

If you want to secure your dream job after university, undertaking an internship or work experience placement will set you apart from your fellow graduates. For an employer, having work experience on your résumé shows that you understand what it takes to succeed in your industry – not to mention your motivation and dedication to your career.

Complete a remote or in-person project with a key player in your industry, developing your professional network while gaining invaluable real-world skills.
Included in the following programs:
How will an industry project benefit you?
  • Seek opportunities with top companies from around the world
  • Gain hands-on experience that matters in the global job market
  • Learn from and connect with professionals in your industry
  • Choose a remote or in-person program to suit your needs
Industry project

Real-world work experience is the most effective way to develop an understanding of your industry, while gaining invaluable skills to kick-start your career. Depending on your program, you’ll complete: - an 8-10 week remote or in-person one-to-one internship (Advanced program) - an 8-10 week remote one-to-one internship (Enhanced program) - a 6-8 week remote team-based internship (Essential program)

Included in the following programs:
How will an internship benefit you?
  • Explore a variety of career options at top global companies
  • Discover which roles and companies suit your working style
  • Develop desirable skills such as leadership, innovation and resilience
  • A choice of full or part-time internships lasting 4–9 weeks
Apply your degree knowledge, personal skills and industry skills to a simulated professional environment. You’ll develop your confidence through manageable 5-6 hour sessions, learning relevant tools and skills for your workplace.
Included in the following programs:
How will our business simulator benefit you?
  • Build your confidence in a safe space before undertaking real work experience
  • Learn what to expect in the workplace and how to deal with problems
  • Engage your problem solving, analytical and critical thinking skills
  • Gain valuable experience in just a few hours
Business simulator

How can I find the best work experience opportunities?

INTO CareerFirst will connect you with excellent work experience and internship opportunities with top employers across the globe. You’ll learn to apply your knowledge in a real-world environment, developing new skills from professionals in your field along the way.

Each of our tailored programs has been designed to help you find and undertake career-defining internships and work experience during your time at university. To make the most of this unique opportunity, apply to start your INTO CareerFirst program today.