Personal Development

While a good degree and an academic background are required by top employers, there are many skills that only real-world experiences can teach you. INTO CareerFirst will help you develop essential interpersonal skills (also known as ‘soft skills’) for life and work, so your application will stand out among those of other graduates.
You’ll be trained to develop the key ‘people’ skills often considered to be lacking in recent graduates, but that are essential to employers. From teamwork to leadership and how to communicate effectively in the workplace, you’ll transform from gifted academic to career-ready professional.
Included in the following programs:
How will people skills benefit you?
  • Learn how to communicate effectively and confidently
  • Feel prepared for the transition from university to a work environment
  • Develop skills that will help you ace an interview, work efficiently with your colleagues and climb the career ladder
People skills
Your coaches will support you to engage in extra-curricular and social activities to improve your teamwork, communication and other key people skills. You’ll enjoy socialising with other students while developing skills that are easily transferred to a professional environment.
Included in the following programs:
How will team building benefit you?
  • Develop key people skills that are essential to employers
  • Learn to solve problems, think critically and communicate
  • Get to know your fellow students through extra-curricular activities
Team building

Our group workshops will help you to develop your critical thinking, problem solving and communication skills through a series of enterprising activities. You’ll engage with other students to complete exciting challenges that are designed to put you to the test.

Advanced students will benefit from 6 2-hour workshops over the course of their program – compared to 4 workshops for Enhanced students and 2 for Essential students.

Included in the following programs:
How will employability workshops benefit you?
  • Test your people skills in industry-relevant challenges
  • Learn to work as part of a team with other INTO CareerFirst students
  • Compete against other teams to win prizes and certificates
  • Rise to the challenge using analytical thinking and effective teamwork

How can I develop my soft skills for the workplace?

INTO CareerFirst will ensure you have all the skills you need to become a valuable member of any professional team. You’ll stand out from the crowd, and employers will be impressed by your experience – despite being a recent graduate.

Choose from three programs, each designed to help you develop these essential soft skills during your time at university. Then, when you apply for your dream job, you can prove that you’re not just academic – you’re a great person to work with too.