Industry Skills

During the course of your degree, you’ll become a specialist in your chosen subject – but there are many industry skills employers need that won’t be covered. INTO CareerFirst will help you broaden your knowledge and understanding across a range of key concepts and professions, before allowing you to hone your skills in your chosen area.
With the help of your coach, you’ll select from an incredible range of specialist courses related to your industry of choice. You’ll gain critical skills and industry-ready certifications to prepare you for the workplace of today and ensure you stand out from the crowd.
Included in the following programs:
How will our industry skills course benefit you?
  • Learn via live and interactive classes taught by industry experts
  • Be at the forefront of technological advances in your field
  • Gain experience by working on real-world projects
Industry course
In our ‘Critical Business Enablers for the Digital Economy’ class, you’ll develop essential skills that are relevant to a range of different professions – such as digital leadership, agile working, design thinking and emerging technologies. No matter what industry you choose, these skills will be invaluable for a career in the digital age.
Included in the following programs:
How will digital skills benefit you?
  • Develop key digital knowledge and practices desired by modern employers
  • Prepare for a job market where technology is the future
  • Stand out from the crowd with practical knowledge and advanced digital skills
Digital skills

How can I develop the skills required to work in my chosen industry?

As well as providing one-on-one coaching to help you choose your ideal career path, the INTO CareerFirst program will equip you with the skills you need to secure it. Many of our industry-specific skills courses offer formal certification, which makes an impressive addition to your résumé.

You have three programs to choose from depending on your needs, each designed to improve your practical industry skills ready for the workplace.